Bespoke Celebration Cakes

our story

My little Myra and me love to party, whether that is with our little tea parties in her room, her birthday parties or surprising our loved ones with cakes and celebrations.

It is magical to see her excitement build up when we handcraft decorations, bake together and set it all up. Her favourite part is to then pick her outfit for the day as she tries to make a choice that will match the theme!

I only truly discovered my passion for making cakes and throwing unforgettable parties when I became a mother to Myra. Motherhood lets you see the world through different eyes, a world full of colours, joy and happiness. You would do anything to keep a smile on their little faces.

These celebrations make you reflect on your most beautiful moments of life and let you capture moments that you cherish forever.

The most rewarding thing about my work is to touch the hearts of my loved ones, make them feel special and return some of the love i have always been showered with so generously.